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Granted, he actually retreated of his own will because he had got what he wanted, but Gwen wasn't supposed to know that.
All Girls Want Bad Boys : Lampshaded by 12-year-old Kevin in "From Hedorium to Eternity when telling Cooper how he has no chance with Gwen.
Revision : There are episodes about Ben when he was 11 blu ray 3d player chip years old, which are new adventures, despite taking place in the past.
This convinces Kevin that Ben is not responsible enough to wield the Omnitrix and that he must be killed.The Worf Effect : In "And Then There Were None Ben 10,000 turns into Atomic X, a fusion of Atomix and Alien X, Ben's two biggest Story Breakers, and he still is unable to stop Vilgax's time bomb, being erased along with the others.Everyone from the main dimension immediately serious sam 2 save game braces themselves.She appears in the background during Ken's birthday as a silent cameo in the beginning but she doesn't appear, or play a big role in the rest of the episode.Third-Person Person : Pakmar, at least when referring to his shop.Smoothy" features the titular duo trying to find.Nerf : Certain aliens lose abilities for varying reasons.Eventually, the five managed to escape thanks to Galapagus, but they unfortunately crashed on Earth.

In addition to this, Waybig tends to suffer from the Worf Effect.
Smoothie mascot changed in appearance and one of the smoothies tasted different.
The Incurseans went from merely looking like anthropomorphic frogs in the Alien Force / Ultimate Alien era to having actual frog-like quirks and tongues in this series.As Rook points out, Revonnah has various kinds of technology, and his hatred of it seems to be arbitrary.Wyatt appears as a Galvan in "Trouble Helix." These are everywhere."Return to Forever" features two forever knights based on the original series, the Ninja from the Negative 10 Movie, and Morton and Chadwick from Alien Force.Hey, he never said it'd be peaceful for them.Unfortunately, Big Chill's ice kept melting off P'andor.