behind the making of the wizard of oz

Image: m, sony vegas pro 8 crack serial oz 's director Victor Fleming, also known for directing.
He said that it was his idea to cast Garland as Dorothy, his idea to use Technicolor for the Oz scenes, his idea, dammit, to make the film in the first place.
Thorpe, he explained, just didnt understand the story to make a fairy story you have to think like a kid.Image: m, it was the actor Buddy Ebsen (.Ever since it came out way back in 1939, the making of this mac os 9.2 update classic movie has been awash with rumors.It premiered on January 5, 1975 and won a Tony for the best musical score.The Wizard.Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.She it asset manager job description was also badly burned in a burst of flame when a trapdoor failed to work.

It was only the second film MGM had made in three-strip Technicolor, then a new technology.
All right now, he growled, go back to your dressing room.
They were so sure that it would be a hit that they didnt originally establish a budget for the film.
Presumably, this was necessary because things like chairs and set pieces were designed for people of average height.But they certainly overspent because it only grossed.6 million at the box office.LeRoy remembered the making of the film as one gigantic headache.She recuperated but refused to work with fire again.She got on a train in Sheffield, Alabama, and arrived in Hollywood in November 1938.He was rushed to the hospital where he had to recover in an iron lung that helped him breathe.