autorun switchboard access 2007

Click, oK, and then close and reopen the database to display the startup form.
Should your needs change after you create a switchboard, you will be able to modify the design of your switchboard at any time.
Note: To create a switchboard that branches to other switchboards, click the Go To Switchboard command in the Command box, and then either select a switchboard from the list or enter the name of the other switchboard.
You can add buttons and embedded macros to start your database components, and then set the form to appear at startup.
Exit Application Closes the current database.In Microsoft Access 2000 and later, rather than use the AutoExec macro, you can use the startup form to control many options, including: Specify an icon to use when Access is minimized.Note: Switchboards don't remain visible at all times.For example, if the item is Customer Data, select Open Form In Add Mode.Microsoft Access adds the switchboard to the list in the.The switchboard opens automatically.Save the macro, ensuring that it is named exactly as AutoExec.To create secondary switchboards, click, new.When the Access Options window appears, click on the "Current Database" option on the left.Access 2007 provides a new feature known as the Navigation Pane that replaces the Database window.

Display the main switchboard on startup.
This creates a, main Switchboard.
To delete an item, click Delete.
Click the, file tab, and then under, help, click.
The Edit Switchboard Page dialog english result intermediate book box appears.Type in OpenForm, or select the action from the list, in the Action cell.In the Navigation Pane, double-click the form named Switchboard.From the Switchboard Manager dialog box, select the switchboard, and then click Edit.By attaching macros or VBA code to the startup form's OnOpen or OnLoad event, you can specify more actions that occur every time that the database starts.When you create a switchboard using the Switchboard Manager tool, Access creates a Switchboard Items table that describes what the buttons on the form display and what actions they perform.Then under the "Display Form" option, select Switchboard from the drop down list.