arma 2 mods and addons

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War between Molatia and Afrene might be just around the corner.
this version uses new bisign key files, so make sure you don't have duplicates sign) or you won't be able to join signed dedicated servers!
Usage of a new addon CUP Terrains is required if you want to play A3 versions of these islands.
Changelog: added two new huge islands: Fortieste and Isla Rubina additional terrain smoothing and various improvements improved satellite image design replaced bugged bridges with new ones, AI now drives over them!It is year 1976, one year after the war in vietnam ended by the fall of Saigon.Download available at: FAP Units (Foes Allies Pack).4 (200 MB 7-zip).FIX (weapons M4 replaced by M4A1 in ammoboxes and in crews and pilots.

5241 - Optimized: Reduced CPU load of shore area rendering.
Isla Duala: Progress Report Good news guys.
Since island is still one of the most perfectdisk 12.5 exchange serial played in Armaverse, I took two weeks to fix all (well, most at least) reported bugs.Duala.2 is out, this time infantry units included.5232 - Fixed: Some object shadows could be incorrectly ignored when corresponding objects were occluded.I've been a small contributor to a project in recent weeks.5272 - New: Action inputs "Car more left" / "Car more right".FIX (animations Improved turning around with launcher.5254 - Fixed: BattlEye issues while using g on Linux dedicated server 5254 - Fixed: Heap size detection on Linux (causing config file problems and low server FPS) 5255 - Fixed: Player could not use grenades added by Rearm data changelog * FIX recoil: recoil.Fixed and now working: ladders, doors and other active stuff lighting optimizations clutter optimization Download (mirrors, 147 MB) Brand new Duala.6!Duala just got updated.21.5218 - Fixed: VoN - mouth is moving but no voice is heard.