anti cheat plugin cs 1.6

Kigen's Anti-Cheat (KAC) This has an filemaker pro 5.5 support anti-cheat possesses an extremely effective wallhack blocker feature.
Basically, many people think that VAC is a huge online database of signatures comprising cheat programs.
"hackhunter" folder from archive must be copyed to amxmodx/ dir!
Muerik wrote: There is no free anti cheat system.Sooner or Later they will be VAC banned.HL Guard Its a highly tuned up version of HLGuard.Anti-Cheat Staff - LeetGamerZ, formerly named as clanCalendar Secure Source, the Anti-Cheat Staff from LeetGamerZ currently holds the best public banlist for CS:.

Supported Games : Half-Life, condition Zero, counter-Strike.6, day of Defeat, adrenaline Gamer.
M easy Anti Cheat (EAC an advanced anti cheat, whose development began in 2006, which must be installed on the client and server.
This document, titled " Protect your Counter-Strike Source Server- The Anti-Cheats is available under the Creative Commons license.This third site, responsible for periodically scanning each page of the Steam community, includes all banned account: m/.That is an anti cheat.A, ris, ark, ow-B, MrBazsi, MrMate10, MrPrice000, mrwhite2488, msnGOD, MultiJackGaming, Murchi, Mushita, mutafow, MuTu, Mvti, mxml, myklgod, Myoth-, mzU', n0ky, n0rb1296, n0rson, N4M3, nagahori25, nandi202, discrete mathematics book pdf NanitosShow, nANO, NapalmBukkake, nct, NEA, NeKJU, Neko, neom, NeXi1, NexuXRay, nicad, Nicky, niico, Nikhil, nilzzn, Nindzson, Niperrr, Nisqhog, Nixu, NNy.Do not modify this plugin, if you want to work perfectly!By if your server is VAC secure.