anime akb0048 episode 14

After talking with Mikako about how those with Center Nova minecraft technic launcher cracked 1.7.2 potential have an ability to capture moments of radiance, Yko takes up photography to try and gain that sense of instinct.
As Nagisa gets caught while retrieving a ribbon her mother gave her, the kid from before rescues her, revealing herself to be none other than Chieri.
Afterwards, a special event is held to officially announce Nagisa as Atsuko Maeda the 14th and Chieri as the new Center Nova, followed by a concert with the nine main characters performing.Tsubasa soon announced the early results for the general elections, with Chieri ranked in 9th place.Noticing Minami is struggling to stay focused, Yko and Kanata set off to rescue her as she is overwhelmed by the enemy.During their investigation, Nagisa, Yka it stephen king audiobook and Makoto discover a hidden casino where elite members gamble on how long the concert will last.When the ship suddenly comes under attack by DES, Mikako breaks free from her cell and goes alone to buy them time to charge their warp drive.Later that night, the group's campsite is attacked by fierce looking creatures who capture Mofufu.Following the performance, the fans unanimously agree that Nagisa has inherited the name of Atsuko Maeda the 14th.After Yasunaga opens the door, he and Chieri discover her father has been assassinated.In the year 0048, three thirteen-year-old girls, Nagisa Motomiya, Orine Aida and Yka Ichij, decide to audition to become members of AKB, although Nagisa has trouble singing due to the restrictions placed upon her by her father.Recovering Mikako and escaping through the warp gate, the group arrive above a strange planet.During their exploration, Yka and Orine come across a strange creature, which Orine decides to name Mofufu.She discovers that the substance called 'Dualium' is the reason why the Center Nova phenomena occurred.

Later that night, Nagisa observes Yko and Minami vowing to compete against each other in the elections before hearing from Mimori about her dedication to her fans.
Meanwhile, Minami is still concerned about what she saw the other day, and acts weird around Kanata.
Meanwhile, Chieri is awaiting the results, having said to Tsubasa that she wants to quit 00 if she is announced as she felt she didn't earn her votes, to which Tsubasa responded that if she is elected, she must tell the fans directly that she.Arriving at a place Nagisa had seen in her dreams, they spot Yko struggling to climb a staircase to a theatre where Atsuko and the other Center Novae are, before they both regain consciousness.However, Mimori reminds her that it is okay to enjoy singing and she soon makes up with Sonata.As Yko comes to Nagisa, considering her to be a rival for Center Nova, Mimori comes down with a fever, which Tsubasa believes to be a sign of succession.Tsubasa is satisfied for this, but Minami declares she is against the idea of the Center Nova position being resurrected.The next set of places go to Sae, Tomochin and Kojiharu, whose speeches help Nagisa understand what the general elections are all about.The next day during a concert, a DES Battallion launches an attack on Akibastar, putting the city into chaos.As the next set of places go to Mayuyu, Yukirin and Sayaka, Nagisa starts to have an unnerving feeling.During the event, Chieri learns of a noodle commercial using footage from her trial to promote their product.Meanwhile, Nagisa is told by Ushiyama that she won't be able to succeed by just animated gif maker no watermark mimicking Yko, and should instead figure out what goal her heart seeks.