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The categories and types of present-day English word-formation (2nd.).
Isbn Kolln, Martha.; Funk, Robert.
Cuprins, substantivul modificare modificare surs, substantivul (The Noun) este partea de vorbire care denumete fiine, obiecte, substane, locuri, evenimente i o serie de noiuni abstracte.
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Halliday, 1961 "Categories of the theory of grammar".This volume contains many of his early papers, in which he argues for a deep connection between language and social structure.Isbn Chalker, Sylvia; Weiner, Edmund,.Silse 2012 Silesian Studies in English, Opava.

Direct and indirect forms of presentation in the discourse of news reports.
13 Linguistic theory and description edit Halliday is notable for his grammatical theory and descriptions, outlined in his book An Introduction to Functional Grammar, first published in 1985.
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Teaching and Learning Linguistics through Hallidays Functional Approach.If we say that linguistic structure "reflects" social structure, we are really assigning to language a role that is too passive.Isbn Curme, George., College English Grammar, Richmond, VA, 1925, Johnson Publishing company, 414 pages.Utrecht: Kemink en Zoon.A b Halliday,.A.K.