american sign language proficiency assessment

Who conducts and rates the OPI?
What is the actfl Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)?
Results of assessments are also posted and stored on the client utility website, allowing organizations to track their testing activity easily in a single location.
Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the examples in any form is prohibited other than for non-profit, educational purposes.
The Guidelines are not based on any particular theory, pedagogical method, or educational curriculum.Individuals can get pricing information by viewing individual language proficiency certifications by clicking here.Through a series of personalized questions a sample of speech is elicited and rated against the proficiency levels described in actfl Proficiency Guidelines 2012 Speaking, Interagency Language Roundtable Language Skill Level Descriptors Speaking, or the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (cefr depending.Previous versions of the Guidelines are available here: 1986, 1999, 2001.Clifford, Helen Hamlyn, David Hiple, Judith Liskin-Gasparro, Pardee Lowe,., Cynthia Martin, Karl.An ILR time tracking app for mac OPI will rate between ILR 0 (No Proficiency) and ILR 5 (Functionally Native).Organizations can arrange to proctor OPIs on location.Afrikaans, Akan-Twi, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cambodian, Cantonese, Cebuano, Chavacano, Chinese-Mandarin, Czech, Dari, Dutch, English, French, Ga, Georgian, German, Greek (Modern Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hiligaynon, Hindi, Hmong-Mong, Hungarian, Igbo, Ilocano, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kashmiri, Kazakh, Kikongo-Kongo, Korean.For more information regarding the OPIc, click here.Actfl Certified OPI Testers are highly specialized language professionals who have completed a rigorous training process that concludes with a tester's demonstrated ability to consistently elicit ratable speech samples and consistently rate samples with a high degree of reliability.What is the format of the OPI?To download an actfl Academic Assessment Catalog, click here.

New for the 2012 edition are the addition of the major level of Distinguished to the Speaking and Writing Guidelines, the division of the Advanced level into the three sublevels of High, Mid, and Low for the Listening and Reading Guidelines and the addition.
Acknowledgements, actfl is deeply indebted to the many individuals who contributed to the previous editions of the Proficiency Guidelines.
To download an actfl OPI Familiarization Manual, click here.They are an instrument for the evaluation of functional language ability.How is the OPI rated?An actfl OPI reports a rating between Novice and Superior on the actfl scale.Another new feature of the 2012 Guidelines is their publication online, supported with glossed terminology and annotated, multimedia samples of performance at each level for Speaking and Writing, and examples of oral and written texts and tasks associated with each level for Reading and Listening.Download the Guidelines Pyramid suitable for printing:.5 x 11 (PDF) or 11 x 17 (PDF).In an Official/Certified OPI, the recorded interview is blindly rated by two actfl-Certified OPI Testers whose independent ratings must agree before an official rating is released.(Click here to view and then select OPI.) At the scheduled OPI appointment time, the candidate must sign into the remote proctoring platform via a computer with an internet connection and a webcam.Download the complete text of the actfl Proficiency Guidelines 2012 document in a PDF format.(The OPIc is an easier alternative for most individuals.