america next top model cycle 18 episode 13

The photoshoot was inspired by Kate Moss V Magazine cover where she had hair coming off of her shoulders but the Top Model shoot was not a good carbon copy.
Biracial Hapas, Cycle 13 via screener When the final 6 were told they sound fx library iv were going to Hawaii for their overseas destination in cycle 13 they probably pretended to be excited since Hawaii isnt really considered an overseas country if youre from America.
Whitneys photo looked super awkward.
It probably had nothing to do with the way they were posing while moving in the tub, it was probably due to them not being able to see a damn thing.
The overall edit of the finished photos were pretty cringe worthy as the fashion monster was their judge Miss Jay Alexander who is a runway diva extraordinaire.Fashion Victims On A Treadmill Runway, Cycle 5 via antm411, cycle 5s fashion victims while running on a treadmill shoot was a pretty weird concept.Greek Salad, Cycle 17 via tumblr, the final 6 in cycle.She didnt mean it in a bad way but it was clear she didnt have much to say about the photos.The girls ended up confused on how they could portray their brand while modelling a hot dog.Most of them ended up looking uncomfortable or drag queens.

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The models challenge was to sell the clothes whilst running but to keep a strong facial expression at the same time.
Meggs bearded lady was the worst of the bunch.
Vampires In A Bloody Bath Tub via pinterest Cycle 14 thought they would go with a Vampire Diaries type shoot having the girls model with male models while in a bath tub full of fake blood.
What expensive fashion magazine is going to want such a poorly executed concept whilst selling expensive clothes?Every models flaw was exaggerated in every photo which is what made them all look really weird.This time in cycle 18 it was a shoot where they made to wear a bikini covered in actual leaves and covered in actual maple syrup.For cycle 20, the boys and girls had to embody or pose with various types of zoo animals.Considering the show was celebrating its 20th season you would think it would have had more money put into.All the girls had to model with guys dressed as girls.None of the photos looked like fashion shots and once again, it seemed the show was running out of ideas at this point.