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Preview Area (H Preview the effect on your image here.
Resize the filter window to make the preview area larger or smaller.
Who uses Image Doctor.OK and Cancel Buttons (F Clicking the OK button applies the filter with the current settings.See the UpToDate Messages section for more details.Click on any of these settings to try them on your image.Image Doctor as digital makeup, removing pimples, moles, scars, and tattoos in one click.Whether its a mole, tattoo, scar or other blemish, Image Doctor makes photo retouching quick and easy.Thats also why everyone loves.

Navigation Thumbnail (I Click and drag the movable red box to move the preview to any spot in the selected layer.
UpToDate Message Indicator (D When you see this visual cue, you have a new message from Alien Skin Software.
Use Image Doctors jpeg Repair to fix blocky areas and ragged edges in over-compressed jpeg images.Image Doctor 2, the powerful Photoshop plug-in from Alien Skin Software.Magnification Indicator (K The current level of magnification is shown to the right of the render status bar at the lower right corner of the filter window.It enables photo editors to de-clutter bad photographic compositions with just a few clicks of a mouse.Progress Bar (J The rectangle to the left of the magnification indicator displays the percentage of rendering completed.You can also soften skin with the click keygen test drive unlimited 1 of your mouse.